''वी. अनुराधा सिंह'' कथक नृत्यांगना


‘VRINDA KATHAK KENDRA……The Institute of KATHAK CLASSICAL DANCE Performing Art, was constituted by its founder Smt V. Anuradha Singh, an accomplished International Kathak exponent and leading performer of Raigarh Gharana. It is a cultural organization, bent on creating awareness of Classical Art Forms amongst people from different walks of society and for the promotion of Indian Culture.
Vrinda kathak kendra is established since 2005, there are 200 students annually learning pure classical kathak dance in the center. V. Anuradha Singh herself trains all the students who belongs to India and Abroad regularly come to Bhopal to take her guidance. Recently Mrs.Imasha Mradula Singhe who is senior lecturer of kathak dance in Visual and Performing Arts University Colombo, Srilanka came to Bhopal to take training by V. Anuradha Singh in Dec,2017.

Vrinda kathak kendra annually organize two dance festivals-

  • Pt. Kartik Ram Smriti Samaroh
  • Chakradhar kathak Mahotsav in which internationally renowned kathak artists perform and Vrinda kathak kendra students also participate every year.
Vrinda Kendra  seeks to facilitate deeper understanding and appreciation of India’s precious heritage of Dance & Music. One of the main objectives of this society is to train dancers committed to pursuing the Classical Art as a passion or as profession. The training programmes are designed in such a manner to mould artists par excellence.
Theoretical and practical training is imparted in Kathak dance, Tabla, Harmonium and Vocal. The courses of study which are followed are those, Vrinda kathak cetre is affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad since 17 years.

Address 1-
(1) M.P. Nagar, Zone 1 on Friday evening at 5:30 pm & Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Address is 27, second floor, Zone 1, Maharana Pratap Nagar at Manohar dairy road, side of Voltas AC Showroom.

Address 2-
(2) Rohit Nagar on Tuesday and saturday 6:30 pm. Address is house- 312, Rohit nagar, phase 1, behind ICICI Bank main road, Bawaria Kala.

Address 3-
(3) Arera Colony on Tuesday & Saturday 5 pm. Address is B - 94, E6 Arera colony, near Big bite shop, 11 no. Market road.

Kathak Diploma courses available, affilated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, U.P. 3 days online through Google Meet on Mon, Wed, Thur at 6:30 pm.

Courses of Study

Diplomas/Certificates of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad are awarded to the students appearing in the examinations given in the succession below:-

  1. Praveshika (Elementary)
  2.  Pratham(1st Year)
  3.  Pratham(2nd Year)-  Junior Diploma
  4. Madhyama Pratham(3rd Year)
  5. Madhyama Purn(4th Year) -  Senior Diploma
  6. Prabhakar Pratham(5th Year)
  7. Prabhakar Purn(6th Year)- Prabhakar equaling to B.A. in Kathak Dance
  8. PraveenPratham(7th Year)
  9. Praveen Purn(8th Year) Praveen equaling  to M.A. in Kathak dance

Lecture-Demonstrations and Seminars by eminent artistes and scholars are arranged specially, from time to time for the benefit of the students.

General Rules

  1. Admission applications are entertained throughout the year.
  2. Minimum age for admission is 5 years. Classes are held thrice a week, for 1 hour duration. Attendance is strictly enforced and students are required to attend regular classes.
  3. Parents are required to drop their ward and pick them up after their class on time.
  4. Use of mobile phone is not allowed during class hours. It has to be kept on a silent or switched off mode.
  5. Students are required to participate in the annual function organized by the Institution in Bharat Bhavan Auditorium..
  6. Examinations of the Vrinda kathak kendra are conducted every year through Prayag Sangeet Samiti,Allahabad
    in Dec./May.
  7. Availability of Examination Forms : in August.
  8. Appearing in Madhyama Pratham Examination, the age of the candidate must be 13 years on 15th August.
  9. Students may be debarred from appearing in examination on the basis of lack of preparation, irregular attendance and disciplinary grounds even after having filled their examination forms.
  10. The completion of the course will depend on the capabilities of the student.
  1. This graceful and spontaneous dance form reveals the poetry, mythology and spiritual ethos of its roots and also, importantly, India's rich Hindu-Muslim heritage. It is, of all the classical dance styles of the country, pre-eminently the one which renders tala, or the rhythmic aspect, as a central focus in its repertoire. Kathak as it existes today is characterized by intricate rhythm patterns sending the audiences into rapture for its sheer artistry, Rounds and fast spins coupled with varied footwork, improvisation and recitation of the dance syllables are the hallmark of this dance form.